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We are Tanja & Jani, a wedding photography couple from Slovenia, a small green Central European country which we call our home. When we're not shooting weddings or chasing sunsets somewhere nearby, you can find us roaming around Switzerland. On our first trip there we fell in love with its breathtaking landscapes and old Swiss architecture. And we keep on going back there ever since.

Photo of us taken by Pixie moments photography.


She speaks five languages,
is a fast learner
and has a thing for hand-crafting.

Pika the cat is her favourite snuggler,
she adores raspberry cake
and drinks way too much green tea.

She gets excited about twisted plots,
summer warmth, the scent of lavender,
penguins, Jani's handwritten love letters,
details, the ocean, anything purple,
decorating home and capturing
people's emotions.


He can't go a day without coffee,
is in a constant motion
and collects very old books.

His favourite color is blue,
he prefers chocolate cake
and finds his creative inspiration in nature.

He likes Tanja's cooking, all kind of sweets, playing his guitar, being funny, animals, documentaries, wooden materials,
anything vanilla flavoured, shooting beautiful landscapes and everything


Star gazing on a warm blanket, anything vintage, outdoor adventures, coffee & tea, long walks, cats & dogs, sushi, blues, the serenity of the woods, boho stuff, foreign films, natural light, each other, trying out new cuisines, summertime, meeting new people, long back scratches, watching Grimm series, chasing sunsets, homemade pizza, reading books in a hammock, minimalism, handmade goods, sightseeing, cuddling on a cosy couch, outdoor weddings, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, view from the mountain, getting lost on the road, Westworld series, draught beer, working together, crosswords, the excitement of experiencing something for the first time, meteor shower, exploring abandoned places, first snow of the year.


See the Northern Lights, learn French, go on a long walking trail adventure, shoot lightning, try out zorbing, master the art of calligraphy, fly with a hot air balloon, explore the abandoned Asylum, go rafting on the river, swim with the dolphins, learn to shoot on film, go skydiving, see a tornado from the distance, start a photography business, go ice skating in Central Park NYC, meet our role model photographers, create a photography workshop, take a picture of the Milky Way, buy Contax 645, start teaching photography.

our vision

Dear future couples, it is of great importance to us that we get to know each other on a more personal level before the wedding day.

Let's go on an adventure together, find a remote place deep in the forest or somewhere in the mountains. You just enjoy one another and let us do our thing. Don't be afraid of being your true selves around us, the last thing we want is for you to feel uncomfortable.

Let us capture your special connection, something unique just the two of you share. No smiling into a camera, no cheesy poses, just you being in love.

We would describe our style as a combination of documentary and candid photography with an addition of our own artistic expression. It focuses on telling a visual story by documenting honest moments as they happen throughout the day. The way we work best is when we shoot outdoors with the available natural light.

We strive to capture our couples as they are, focusing on their feelings and emotions. Our photographs are a reflection of their personalities and their love story.

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We are now booking weddings for 2017
in Slovenia, across Europe and worldwide.