meet Tanja

the curious dreamer

Tanja likes to learn new languages and has a thing for hand-crafting. She loves snuggling with her cat Pika, adores raspberry cake and drinks way too much green tea. The things that make her heart sing are summer warmth, scent of lavender, twisted plots, penguins, Jani's handwritten love letters, details, ocean, anything purple, decorating home and capturing people's emotions.

meet Jani

the creative explorer

Jani can't go a day without his cup of coffee and his guitar. He prefers chocolate cake, collects very old books and always finds his inspiration in nature. His list of favourites includes color blue, Tanja's cooking, all kind of sweets, being funny, animals, documentaries, wooden materials, anything vanilla flavoured, shooting beautiful landscapes and everything history-related.


we love

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stargazing on a warm blanket, anything vintage, hiking adventures, coffee & tea, cats & dogs, sushi, blues, the serenity of the woods, boho stuff, foreign films, natural light, each other, trying out new cuisines, summertime, meeting new people, long back scratches, chasing sunsets, homemade pizza, reading books in a hammock, minimalism, handmade goods, sightseeing, cuddling on a cosy couch, outdoor weddings, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, view from the mountain top, getting lost on the road, Westworld series, draught beer, working together, crosswords, meteor showers, exploring abandoned places, first snow of the year, indie music, elopements, the excitement of experiencing something for the first time, adventure movies, cuddling with our pup Medi, Game of Thrones, rooftop talks about life

our vision

the philosophy behind our work

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Whether we shoot indoors or outdoors, the way we work best is with the available natural light. Our approach is mostly documentary, catching the events as they unfold naturally throughout your wedding day. We want to capture the mood of the day, honest emotions and all those little unscripted moments that make your wedding unique. Everytime you go through the images, we want you to remember how you felt.

emotional raw adventurous

photography for couples who like to wander

Posing you is not really our thing. Instead, we'll give you direction to get all those sincere and in-between moments. We strive to capture your connection, the dynamic between the two of you, your quirks and natural responses, the real you. And getting your shoes or clothes a little dirty from hiking and the wild messy hair from the wind is all part of it. If you think that we're a good match, say hello.

let's wander

where the wifi is weak

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