Lake Vänern, Kristinehamn, Sweden


Dear Alice & Carl,

we have no words to describe how amazing this trip was to us and how

grateful we are that we could meet you two and your kind family.

How we laughed all day when Carl was telling jokes,

you’ve shown us so many new places and told us their stories.

Thank you for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  


Remember this post about sunset beach at a beautiful lake in Sweden?

Well, that was just us warming up. The next morning, we got up at 3:30 am

to catch the golden glow of sunrise and we drove to Ölme near Kristinehamn

to take a morning walk and breathe in some fresh Swedish air,

stopped in the middle of the road to watch creepy cows staring at us

and cuddled below birch trees. The light was truly amazing.



Afterwards, we did a quick stop at the Moor forest to see

if we can find any smultrons, since Alice is crazy about them.

There weren’t as many as we hoped for. We visited a cute little

pet cemetery nearby and continued our trip back to Kristinehamn.

Once again, the morning light was perfect for taking a few portraits!



Next, we took a stroll down Kristinehamn Farmstead,

a small historic area open to public, which is, according to Carl,

something very typical for Sweden. We really like Swedish buildings

and their cooper red color. Take a look at the pictures to see

how much fun we had in this beautiful location.



What we did next was shopping at the ICA Maxi store and,

of course, we had to play around with the shopping cart. 🙂



Then we visited Carl’s family right on time for fika,

traditional Swedish coffee break served with many delicious

homemade sweets. Jani loves coffee and sweets, so you

can imagine how excited he was finding out about fika. It

has become his daily routine here in Slovenia. After fika,

we took the opportunity to rest a little bit in the backyard

and make a few lazy shots at the cute garden green house.



Refreshed and eager to continue our adventure, we explored

the woods nearby. Scandinavian forests are breathtaking!

We want to go back to Sweden and shoot a boho wedding in the forest.



In the late afternoon, we decided to visit a local farm.

We are all animal lovers, so this was a really nice visit.

There is a beautiful Österviks chapel right by the farm,

worth taking a peek. The main reason for visiting this

farm were alpacas, but at first they were hiding in high grass.

Just as we were about to leave, they approached the fence

and made us laugh so hard. We absolutely adore alpacas since

our fall trip to one of the Austrian’s alpaca farms last year.



Our last adventure ended where it started the day before,

at the lake Vänern. This time, we were on the outskirts of

Kristinehamn, in a district called Sunnäs (it means Sun spit).

You could feel the rain was coming, it was cloudy and very moody.

Although we were all so tired, Alice and Carl ran around and into

the lake, they “borrowed” a boat for a few shots and ended our

whole day Swedish adventure couple session with champagne,

celebrating their love and Carl’s achievements.


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